Some Of The Companies
In Which We've Invested

ActionSprout empowers nonprofits with innovation that lets them reach, cultivate, and convert more Facebook supports.

Advanced Illumination's mission is to reduce or eliminate issues you may encounter when you implement a factory automation lighting solution.

Aqueduct Critical Care is focused on the development and commercialization of disruptive technologies in the market for Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) drainage.

BuildPulse collects and translates communications from environmental control systems that already exist in buildings, then analyzes that data and reports to owners a prioritized list of what needs to be fixed, and how to fix it.

DesignMedix, Inc. develops drugs to address the large medical need caused by the rapid rise in drug resistance in multiple diseases.

Farm Power is a Washington and Oregon company operating at the intersection of sustainable agriculture and renewable energy.

GreenAngel Energy Corp. was the first publicly-traded investment fund focused on start-up companies in the clean tech sector.

Custom solar street, parking lot and pathway lighting. Inovus is a technology company passionate about innovation and unconventional in their business approach.

Jama's product development platform enables you to keep up with the pace as your products become more complex with hardware and software components.

Julep Beauty, Inc. is a privately held Seattle-based cosmetics company founded in 2007.

The purpose of Liquid Planner is to make dynamic scheduling and resource management the project management standard for technology teams worldwide.

Lumencor is leading the life sciences with light engines for bioanalysis. Novel optical excitation subsystems are designed for an array of instruments including fluorescence microscopes.

MailChannels provides outbound email filtering and email delivery solutions for service providers. The company improves the reliability of email delivery for shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, and Internet service providers that struggle with IP blacklisting and spam issues.

Nexgenia develops proprietary molecule-specific selection reagents that utilize stimuli-responsive polymers. These novel "smart" polymers transition from soluble, single molecules to multi-molecular aggregates in response to modest changes in temperature, pH, or salt.

Novinium maximizes the ROI of cable-reliability programs with rehabilitation solutions that result in less cable being replaced, reduce hazard exposure, require shorter outages, and offer up to a 40-year warranty.

Optic Zoo owns, manages and operates an extensive dark fibre network throughout Metro Vancouver.

Pacific Light Technologies (PLT) is a world leader in optical nanomaterials development and manufacturing. PLT is developing rare-earth-free downconverter materials for high-efficiency solid state lighting (SSL) and displays, and is the only quantum dot company capable of on-chip integration into an LED package.

Record360 is committed to helping any company that rents, leases or moves tangible assets — car and truck rental, construction and heavy equipment rental, freight and logistics, and property management — collect best-in-class condition records of those assets to decrease damage disputes and costs.

Ravenna solves the challenges that admission offices face, enabling unmatched efficiencies for schools and more meaningful connections with families.

Tatango was founded in 2007 with the simple goal of providing easy-to-use software and industry expertise to clients. Since then, Tatango has grown into the market leader in mobile messaging.

TBF Environmental Technology (TBF) manufactures innovative industrial solvents which both:

— Reduce environmental damage by lowering and/or eliminating the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), and greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

— Work as well or better than the conventional solvents they are designed to replace across a broad range of applications, and much better than current bio-based, water-based or petroleum-based substitutes which tend to work well only in a narrow range of applications.

The Clymb's mission is to increase the wellbeing of the planet and its inhabitants by inspiring human-powered adventure.

Valant was founded in 2005 to provide behavioral health practices, agencies and clinicians with cloud-based software to streamline administration and empower what is most important: improving outcomes. Inspired by the fact that technology has transformed all of our lives in meaningful ways, Valant has reinvented the behavioral health platform.

Vicis is developing new football helmet technology with the Zero1 that is showing significant reduction in impact forces.

Vidigami allows you to create an engaging photo management experience that strengthens your school community, builds heritage and supports school development.

WompMobile is a web-to-mobile solutions company that helps businesses convert their regular websites into professionally designed mobile friendly websites.

WUTIF Capital (VCC) Inc. is a novel angel fund that co-invests with angel investors in promising new technology ventures in British Columbia.

Yapta is dedicated to saving you money. Founded in 2007, Yapta is guided by technology experts and veterans of the travel management industry.

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