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angel investing
an angel investor is an individual who meets the criteria of an accredited investor as defined by the SEC, and provides capital for, and advice to, a business start-up, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. additional information is available from the Angel Capital Association, of which bai is a member.
about bai
founded in 2005, bai is composed of a maximum number of 50 accredited investors who share a common interest in seeking investment opportunities in early or middle stage companies in the Pacific Northwest & British Columbia, giving preference to Whatcom, Skagit & Island counties.
bai events
investors attend monthly luncheon meetings at the Bellingham Golf & Country Club where, every second month, entrepreneurs seeking funding make their presentations while, in alternate months, general business is conducted, along with educational programs and portfolio updates.
investment fund
in addition to investing individually, participants in bai are eligible, but not required, to invest in an associated but legally separate fund, which leverages the processes of bai—including deal flow, screening and due diligence—and seeks to assemble a diversified portfolio of high-growth startups.




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